US and UK to send military training troops to Ukraine

A US military official said Tuesday the Pentagon will be deploying a small number of troops to Ukraine to provide combat medical training to forces there who have been battling Russian-backed separatists.

Between five and 10 troops will go to western Ukraine next week for what will be a second round of coaching and mentoring members of the Ukraine military who will then go on to become trainers.

The US forces will deploy out of Europe.

Last year, the US trained about 300 Ukrainian troops on battlefield medicine. US officials are continuing to review the range of instruction and other aid that can be provided to Ukraine.

In London, meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that up to 75 British military personnel will deploy to Ukraine next month to provide advice and training to government forces.

The British servicemen will be based well away from the areas of conflict, and will offer medical, intelligence, logistics and infantry training.

A tenuous cease-fire agreement between the Ukrainian troops and the separatists was reached earlier this month, but there have been repeated accusations of violations of the peace plan.