University chaplain criticises makers of Monopoly, says Oxford-themed edition is sexist

A University chaplain has complained to the makers of Monopoly claiming their Oxford-themed edition of the board game is sexist.

Tracey Allen, who works as chaplaincy coordinater at the University of Suffolk, says the game shows men graduating in caps and gowns as they walk through Oxford’s streets but the only woman featured are wearing bikinis.

Ms Allen bought the game for Christmas but she says she was disappointed by the cover design.

"I purchased an Oxford Monopoly set over Christmas and was disappointed," she tweeted. "The pictures on the board are of male graduates – do women not graduate from Oxford? The only women pictured are wearing bikinis! Time to update this fabulous game please. #everydaysexism."

The game-maker has responded that it will review the artwork and make sure it meets modern standards.

In the past, other players have also hit out at Monopoly for its outdated attitude.

In 2015, its Star Wars edition was criticised for not including key female characters.

And in 2013, there was outcry from feminists to remove the iron game piece, which has been included since 1935, from the game because it symbolised women working in textile mills.

After that, some others called for the thimble to also get the boot - arguing that it represented the assumption that women belong in the home.

The cover of the board game features men in caps and gowns as they walk through Oxford’s streets, but the only woman featured are wearing bikinis and being pushed along in a boat by a man. Source: Twitter

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