United Airlines defends banning two girls from wearing leggings on flight, as Twitter spat erupts




America's United Airlines are under fire for banning two young girls from boarding a flight for wearing leggings, as they "were not in compliance with our dress code policy".

United Airlines Boeing 747

United Airlines Boeing 747

Source: istock.com

The incident was witnessed by activist and founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Reforms, Shannon Watts, while waiting to board the flight from Denver to Minneapolis yesterday morning. 

Ms Watts claimed an air hostess was "forcing" the young girls, one aged 10, to change their clothes - or put a dress over their leggings.

She said their father, who was wearing shorts, was allowed to board.

It set off a twitter feud between United Airlines and Ms Watts, who voiced her concerns on social media. 

The airline thanked Ms Watts for being "our eyes and ears", then defended the hostesses' actions, writing there was a "dress code for pass/travellers as they are representing US when they fly".

According to company policy, United Airlines can refuse passengers "who are barefoot or not properly clothed".

Although United Airlines has not released an official statement detailing what happened and the actions taken by staff, they tweeted the girls were not "in compliance" with their "dress code policy for company benefit travel".

The girls were eventually allowed to board after the incident occurred, once they had changed.

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