UK woman paralysed after colleague puts her in headlock wins unfair dismissal case

A Welsh woman has won her case for unfair dismissal after she was left paralysed after being assaulted by a colleague during a Christmas party at the bar they worked at in Cardiff, Wales.

CCTV footage captured the moment Molly Phillips, the manager of the Cameo Club, was put in a headlock by an "aggressive" male colleague on January 1, Nine News reports.

The Cameo Club bar where Molly Phillips was employed. Source: Google Maps

The video then shows Ms Phillips' head flopping to one side as the colleague releases her, after which she hits her head as she collapses to the floor.

Ms Phillips told the tribunal she was left with "permanent injuries" following the assault, which was caused by a lack of oxygen or nerve damage.

Her colleague, Nathan Webb, remained working at the bar as a chef following the incident, while Ms Phillips said she was eventually forced to leave their workplace due to her employers' dismissive attitude.

She wrote on Facebook after the verdict was delivered, "All claims I made were dismissed despite there being evidence.

"I've been left with permanent injuries due to the assault, this was obviously not a concern for my former bosses.

"The owners of this business lack care, compassion or understanding for anyone employed by them.

"Hopefully now they've realised that staff fight back."

The Cameo Club's owners said they had "no comment at all" following the trial.