UK surgeon slams anti-vaxxers as 'contributing to detriment of our society', amid Covid-19 crisis

A surgeon at The Royal London Hospital says anti-vaxxers “are wrong” as the UK grapples with an overwhelming number of deaths from Covid-19.

More than 200 frontline NHS staff have died in the UK amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UK has reported another 1,290 Covid-19 deaths today, as the death toll there approaches 100,000.

The country's health service is under greater pressure than ever.

Consultant trauma surgeon, Martin Griffiths says concerning the anti-vaxxer community, that it’s either “by a lack of knowledge or a lack of understanding or an unwillingness to accept the reality of what we are seeing … they are actively contributing to the detriment of our society”.

Senior charge nurse Dom Wood feared he would not make it after contracting the virus over Christmas.

“Over the first wave and the second wave, I’ve seen what can happen…it’s scary,” he sobs through a mask.

Across London, a cemetery in the north-east has had to expand because of the pandemic dead.

It comes as more than 94,000 people have died from coronavirus, that’s over 20,000 more than the number of civilians who died in the UK in World War II.

England is entering week four of a seven-week lockdown which has seen bars, restaurants and most schools close as over three million people have been infected with Covid-19.