UK hospital kicks out Covid deniers taking photos of 'empty' corridors

A hospital in the UK had security guards remove people who were taking photos of 'empty' corridors in a bid to try and prove the Covid-19 pandemic was a hoax.

Nurse, hospital (file picture). Source:

Nick Hulme of Colchester Hospital told the BBC the corridors were empty as a safety measure, and attempts to paint the crisis, which has killed over 75,000 Britons, "beggars belief".

Hulme said hospital security had to "remove people who were taking photographs of empty corridors and then posting them on social media, saying the hospital is not in crisis".

"When you've got that sort of social media pressure and those people denying the reality of Covid it really concerns us. Words fail me," he said.

"Why would people do that when we all know somebody who has died from Covid?

"Of course there are empty corridors at the weekend in outpatients, because that's the right thing to do.

"We are facing the biggest health challenge we've ever seen and we are still seeing people flouting the [social distancing] rules."

Hospital are carrying out online and telephone consultations, and physical examinations are being organised differently, in a bid to reduce contact. 

Hulme runs a trust which also includes Ipswich Hospital. There are currently 320 Covid patients being treated across both sites. 

England has been placed into its third strict lockdown as a new variant of the virus threatens to overwhelm the health service.