UK couple marry in hospital while both battling Covid-19

A couple in the UK have gotten married in hospital, while both battling Covid-19.

Simon O'Brien and Elizabeth Kerr were taken to Milton Keynes University Hospital with breathing difficulties on January 9, the BBC reports.

Just a day before their special day, the groom aged 36, was taken to intensive care. O’Brien’s condition worsened and his fiancée Kerr, 31 was told he may not recover.

“My heart broke,” Kerr said.

“To be there, so ill and be told the person you love, you might not see them again, is just indescribable,” she said.

With time running out, nurses immediately began planning a wedding.

“They called in a local vicar, he came in and did the ceremony in intensive care...and they were absolutely amazing,” Kerr said.

It's now been more than a week since the wedding and O’Brien is thought to be over the worst, while Kerr is expected to be discharged.

Hannah Cannon, a nurse who helped organise the wedding said the nuptials were a result of “teamwork”.

Cannon filmed the marriage for the couple's families and friends, and the cake was provided by catering staff at the hospital.