UK becomes first country in Europe to surpass 30,000 covid-19 deaths

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted the number of people dying in the UK is appalling.

Making his first appearance in parliament since recovering from Covid-19 the British Prime Minister responded to allegations from new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer that the government was slow to react.

Their clash comes after a further 649 people with the virus died since yesterday making the UK the first country in Europe to surpass 30,000 deaths from the virus.

"That’s not success or apparent success. How on earth did it come to this?" Sir Keir asked.

Mr Johnson replied "at every stage we took the decisions we did, we were governed by one overriding principle and the end that was to save lives and to protect our NHS."

He hit back at claims the government was not doing enough to get a grip on the crisis in care homes.

"There is an epidemic going on in care homes which is something I bitterly regret and we have been working very hard for weeks to get it down," he said.

Mr Johnson accepted the opposition leaders blunt and brutal questions criticising the government’s and the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has left him enraged.

He then pledged to reach 200,000 tests for Covid-19 by the end of May.