Typhoon Hagibis in pictures: Japan lashed by rain as super typhoon approaches

Japan is experiencing flooding and damage hours before Typhoon Hagibis has even reached it shores.

Here are some pictures of some of the destruction the super typhoon has caused so far.

Surging waves hit against the breakwater and a lighthouse as Typhoon Hagibis. Source: Associated Press

Ise in central Japan has been flooded. Source: Associated Press

People watch the Isuzu River swollen by Typhoon Hagibis in Ise, central Japan. Source: Associated Press

Michael Leitch and his Japanese teammates at training. Source: Associated Press

Takuya Kitade (left) and Yusuke Kizu wade through a flooded walkway to get on the training field. Source: Associated Press

Local stores in Tokyo prepare for typhoon. Source: 1 NEWS

Shinjuku Station suspends train services while typhoon passes over Tokyo. Source: 1 NEWS

Tokyo turns into ghost town as locals await typhoon. Source: 1 NEWS

Source: 1 NEWS