Two women convicted in failed 2016 Notre Dame car bomb plot

Two women who tried to blow up a car near Notre Dame cathedral have been convicted of terrorism charges in France and sentenced to 30 and 25 years in prison.

Workers, top, fix a net to cover one of the iconic stained glass windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Source: Associated Press

Both women admitted taking part in the failed attack in September 2016 but traded blame on who bore more responsibility.

Ines Madani, now 22, pretended to be a returning Islamic State fighter who was enamored with Ornella Gilligmann.

Gilligmann contended she was responsible for the failure of the plot, which was encouraged by a notorious French Islamic State recruiter.

Madani received the longer sentence.

Two other women were convicted and sentenced to lesser terms in a related attack.

Prosecutors say the attempted explosion — long before this year's fire at the cathedral — could have killed dozens.

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Flames could be seen from the roof of the famed piece of architecture. Source: Breakfast