Two teens with special needs found malnourished in Brisbane home where man's body was found

An investigation is continuing into the care of two teens discovered by an emergency services crew at a Brisbane home where a man's body was found.

Police were called to the Midson Street house in Stafford, Brisbane this morning after the 49-year-old's body was discovered. A 17-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man with special needs, understood to be the 49-year-old’s sons, were also found in the home. 

ABC reported the pair were found malnourished and in diapers that sagged down to their knees. Local police also reported excrement was found smeared on the walls and one blow-up mattress was the only furnishing in the room they were locked in.

A concerned neighbour told ABC she took the boys two years ago out of concern. Along with other worried neighbours, she reported her concerns to the Department of Child Safety and police.

Another neighbour, who didn’t want to be identified said she’d seen the boys get mistreated over the past 18 months.

"He would lock them outside in nothing but a nappy; they had no clothes on, from what I could see no sunscreen, they had no hats and they had no water," she said.

"I rang [the department] because to me, I couldn't believe how hot it was, that you would leave a child outside. The only shade they had was this small landing, which was probably a metre by a metre.

"[The department] basically said because they technically have shade, and they technically are in an enclosed yard, there's nothing that they can do, which doesn't sit well with me being a mum.

"They didn't even ask me for the address.

"They should send someone around even if it's just to check in. It's appalling."

Detectives from the Boondall Child Protection Investigation Unit and government agencies are now piecing together what care they were getting.

Australia’s Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women said it could not confirm what it knew of the situation as it had to protect childrens’ identities.

"The strict provisions of [the Child Protection Act] make it illegal to disclose publicly whether an individual or family is known or not known to the department."

The man’s death is not being treated as suspicious and will be investigated by the Coroner.