Two teenage boys drown in Perth river after jumping in while trying to evade police

Two teenage boys have drowned in Perth's Swan River and there are fears for a third boy who's still missing after four teenagers jumped into the water to evade police.

The foot chase began mid-afternoon yesterday when officers responded to reports of five teenagers jumping fences in Maylands.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said four boys were seen jumping into the water.

Two were spotted struggling in very deep and murky water in the middle of the river and officers swam out in a rescue attempt but were unable to reach them before they went under.

"Police did not physically come into contact with the two boys who disappeared under water in the middle of the river," Mr Dawson told reporters.

Police divers found the first body in low visibility - estimated at 10cm in front of their face - just before 9pm.

The second body was recovered about 10am today.

"This is nothing short of a tragedy," Mr Dawson said. "The loss of any young life is an absolute tragedy."

Two other boys were captured, treated by paramedics and given dry clothes, then taken into custody and reunited with their families.

Mr Dawson said there were concerns for the fifth boy, who was last seen running along the riverbank and it's feared he may also have gone into the water.

He described the search for him as urgent. The two survivors have not been charged with any offences at this stage.

Mr Dawson urged the missing boy's family and associates to advise police of his welfare and not worry about him potentially being in trouble.

"We just want to know if he's safe," he said. "Any matters concerning offending need to be put squarely to one side.

"We are hopeful that he did not enter the river."

The commissioner said the deaths would be subject to an inquest and called on members of the public to provide any information or CCTV footage that may aid the investigation.

All of the boys were under 18 and police declined to release more details at the request of their families.

Skyline in Perth, Western Australia, in 2013. In front Swan River, seen from Sir James Mitchell Park. XXL size image.
Perth's Swan River. Source:


Greenpeace links forest destruction for palm oil to global brands

Greenpeace says global consumer brands continue to buy palm oil from companies that are cutting down Indonesia's rainforests despite repeated pledges to clean up their supply chains.

The environmental group says in a report released Wednesday that 25 palm oil producing groups it has investigated destroyed more than 130,000 hectares of natural forest in Indonesia since 2015.

It says all but one of those producers had supplied palm oil to consumer companies that are household names around the world in the past year.

Palm oil, mainly produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, is used in a slew of consumer products from snacks to cosmetics.

Rapid forest loss and greenhouse gas emissions have made Indonesia the fourth biggest contributor to global warming after China, the U.S. and India.

Forest in Indonesia (file picture).
Forest in Indonesia (file picture). Source: 1 NEWS


No vacancy: Curious mountain lion wanders around Colorado motel

A mountain lion has been caught on a surveillance camera dashing to the doorstep of a Colorado motel office, venturing toward the open doorway and then wandering away.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Jason Clay says nobody was hurt in the Sept. 9 encounter.

The Boulder Daily Camera reported Tuesday the lion approached the Foot of the Mountain Motel on Boulder's west side. Just after entering the camera's view, the lion pauses, as if startled.

Clay says that was when the lion spotted motel guests with with a dog on a leash.

Clay says the guests and their dog returned to their room and there was no trouble.

The lion thought better of kipping down for the night at the Foot of the Mountain Motel. Source: Associated Press

In August, a mountain lion entered a Boulder home and killed a house cat, and another was tranquilized and relocated from under a porch.



McDonald's workers across US protest sexual harassment

McDonald's workers are staging protests in several cities in what organisers called the first multistate strike seeking to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

In Chicago, several dozen protesters rallied today in front of McDonald's headquarters while a plane flew overhead with a banner reading, "McDonald's: Stop Sexual Harassment."

In New Orleans, current and former employees chanted, "Hey, McDonalds, you can't hide — we can see your nasty side."

Those are among 10 targeted cities. Other protests were held in St. Louis; Kansas City, Missouri; and Durham, North Carolina.

Protesters are demanding that McDonalds require anti-harassment training for managers and employees. The fast food chain defends its policies.

Another demand is forming a national committee to address sexual harassment, made up of workers, management and leaders of national women's groups.

Current and former McDonald's employees wear tape with "#MeToo" over their mouths as they up to one of their restaurants for a protest in New Orleans. Source: Associated Press

Day care owner accused of tying kids to car seats for up to seven hours, fastening shoe laces around their necks

The owner of an in-home day care accused of keeping infants and toddlers tied to their car seats for hours has been jailed in the United States on child endangerment charges.

An affidavit says Rebecca Anderson also yanked a six-month-old child by the bib around his neck, tied laces around the children's necks to limit their movement and gave them the painkiller acetaminophen to quiet them.

The 60-year-old is accused of having kept the small children tied up in car seats for at least seven hours a day at Becky's Home Child Care, her day care near Dallas, Texas.

When police executed a search warrant on her home, they found three children in a dark bedroom closet strapped to car seats, according to CBS 11 News in Dallas. Some of the children had to have shoelaces cut off their necks, police also said.

"It just kind of concerned me the way the kids sounded when the parents dropped them off," neighbour Susan Geldmeier told the news station, explaining that she would sometimes hear children wail when dropped off at the facility.

"It alarmed me to where I was like, 'Why are they sounding like that?'"

Anderson was booked Monday into the Dallas County jail on nine counts of child endangerment with bonds totalling NZ $68,000.

Rebecca Anderson Source: Dallas County Jail