Two killed as ten of thousands flood the streets to protest Venezuela's government



Associated Press

Authorities say a second protester has been killed in anti-government protests taking place across Venezuela today.

The Venezuelan National Guard members launched tear gas in an effort to disperse demonstrators on Thursday, giving rise to some clashes.
Source: Associated Press

The 23-year-old woman identified as Paola Ramirez was killed by gunfire from pro-government groups circling protesters in the western city of San Cristobal, the town's mayor told The Associated Press. 

Earlier, a 17-year-old male was pronounced dead at a Caracas hospital after being shot in the head while walking near a protest

Venezuela's chief prosecutor said she is investigating the shooting incident amid conflicting reports over the cause of death.

Some opponents of President Nicolas Maduro say armed pro-government militias opened gunfire on a crowd of protesters, but top officials say the boy named Carlos Moreno was assaulted while walking home from a soccer game.

There have been five other deaths nationwide tied to protests that began in early April after the Supreme Court gutted the opposition-controlled congress of its last remaining powers.

The deaths come as tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators have taken the streets of Caracas in what they're calling the "mother of all marches" against the embattled socialist leader.

The Venezuelan National Guard members launched tear gas in an effort to disperse demonstrators, giving rise to some clashes.

Government supporters were holding their own counter demonstration.

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