TVNZ's Australia correspondent stuck in NZ, unable to cross the ditch amid Covid-19 resurgence

Ryan Boswell, 1 NEWS' Australia correspondent, has been stuck in Christchurch, unable to get back to Australia for work as the nation limits travel.

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Ryan Boswell returned to New Zealand for a family emergency, but has been unable to get back to work for a month as Covid-19 cases rise across the ditch. Source: Breakfast

Boswell returned to New Zealand for a family emergency but has been unable to get back to work for a month as Covid-19 cases rise across the ditch.

"I'm stuck here. I've been trying to get back to Australia for about the last month but I'm still waiting sign off from the Australian government," he told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning.

"I'm stuck in limbo, stuck in Christchurch until I get the tick of approval to cross back across the ditch."

Boswell said he applied about a month ago now, but he's recently been told to "keep waiting".

"Australia is starting to restrict the number of people going back into the country. On average about 7000 were going back and now they've pulled that right down to 4000 a week so they're also concerned about the number of people coming in and the spread, really."

People returning to Australia are also now being charged $3000 for two weeks isolation in an attempt to deter people form heading back, he said.

The new measures come as Covid-19 cases spike throughout the country, particularly in Victoria and now New South Wales.

"What we've seen is community transmissions and that means that people are going out into the community, they have Covid-19, they're not aware of it and they're passing it around," Boswell said.

There are cases which include and 18-year-old pub worker with the virus who came in contact with hundreds of patrons.

As well, there have been people breaking the 20 person limit and attending parties in Bondi.

"In Victoria it's much worse. For the last eight days we've seen triple digit rises - 177 new cases yesterday. There are over 16,000 cases in Victoria right now, those are active cases," Boswell said.

"Victoria is moving to further lockdowns. Currently five million people are in lockdown right now, they're being told to stay at home unless they have to go to work, unless there's a medical emergency.

"Next week we see school back, but this time it will be schooling from home yet again because again they're worried about that spread of Covid-19 in the community."