'Trying to pull the strings' – Theresa May lets loose on Scottish National Party at first election campaign rally



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After winning backing from the British parliament to hold an early general election, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May hit the campaign trail straight away with her first event in Bolton, in North West England overnight.

The British Prime Minister accused the opposition parties of stopping Britain from moving forward and frustrating Brexit negotiations.
Source: Associated Press

At the event, May criticised her opponents the Labour Party, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats as, she said, they "want to do everything to stop us from being able to take Britain forward" and frustrate Brexit.

May, who took office in July after an internal Conservative Party leadership race, wants the election to increase her majority in Parliament and consolidate her power as she faces both pro-EU opposition politicians and hard-core Brexit-backers inside her own party.

PM Theresa May reversed her longstanding promise not to go to the polls early.
Source: BBC

MPs voted overnight by a resounding 522 to 13 to back May's call for an election, easily surpassing the two-thirds majority in the 650-seat House of Commons needed to trigger an early vote.

May wasted no time, going from the vote in Parliament to kick off her campaign with a speech in to supporters northwestern England.

She said the Conservatives would provide "strong and stable leadership" for Brexit and beyond, and promising to wage "a positive and optimistic campaign."

Earlier, May said holding an election in June, rather than as scheduled in 2020, would "deliver a more secure future for our country" as it negotiates its departure from the EU.

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