Trump touts 'super-duper' new missile while unveiling official flag for US Space Force

The United States' Space Force, their newest branch of the armed services, now has its own flag.

The United States' Space Force's flag logo unveiled. Source: Associated Press

Defense Department officials presented President Donald Trump with the Space Force flag during a short Oval Office event today.

The dark blue and white flag includes elements intended to evoke the vast recesses of outer space.

Space Force, which was officially established in December, is the first new military service since the US Air Force was established in 1947.

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The comment came as Mr Trump unveiled the flag for the US Space Force, the nation’s newest military branch. Source: Associated Press

The 16,000 airmen and civilians that make up the Space Force technically remain part of the Air Force, which previously oversaw offensive operations in space.

However, Trump has made clear he sees the newest service as critical to the future of American defense.

According to the president, the US is building a “super-duper missile” that can travel “17 times faster than what we have right now”.

"We have no choice, we have to do it with the adversaries we have out there," he said.

Chief Master Sargent Roger Towberman displays his Space Force insignia. Source: Associated Press

The Space Force flag includes a Delta Wing -- long a symbol in the Air Force -- meant to signify change and innovation.

Dark and light shades of gray within the delta were incorporated in a nod to the 24/7 nature of the Space Force’s work.

The flag also features a globe, for the Space Force fighters’ home turf, and an elliptical orbit around the globe was incorporated to signify the force's mission to defend and protect from adversaries and threats emanating in space.

This flag was produced by artists and crafts people at the Defense Logistics Agency flag room in Philadelphia from a design finalised by the Department’s Institute of Heraldry.