Trump kicks off re-election campaign with pledge to find cure for cancer and eradicate AIDS in the US

US President Donald Trump is promising to eradicate AIDS in America and to come up with cures to many diseases, "including cancer and others," during his second term.

The president made the promise today at his 2020 campaign kickoff rally in Florida.

After a more than 70-minute speech that took jabs at the press and attacked the political establishment he ran against in 2016, Trump declared it is his White House that has "the only positive vision for the country's future."

Trump ran through a list of promises for his second term, pledging a new immigration system, new trade deals, a health care overhaul and a cure for cancer and "many diseases," including the eradication of AIDS in America.

Florida is considered a near-must-win state for Trump to hold onto the White House, and both parties have been mobilizing for a fierce and expensive battle in a state that Trump has visited as president more often than any other.

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Our US correspondent Rebecca Wright reports from Washington, DC. Source: 1 NEWS