Truck driver involved in flying keg incident on Sydney motorway tracked down, says sorry

Police in Sydney have tracked down a truck driver involved in a flying beer keg incident on a busy motorway.

He has apologised, but still has to face court.

A motorist's dashcam video of the incident on the M4 motorway in the city's west early on Tuesday showed a beer keg slam into the windscreen with a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass.

Police yesterday tracked the truck to a business in Blacktown and ordered driver Les Williams to face court for failing to secure his load, 9 NEWS reported.

Police also issued a fine for the truck not displaying current registration labels and cautions for minor defects involving its tyres and windscreen.

One vehicle hit by the metal keg has been written off and another sustained a smashed windscreen and dented roof, Nine said.

Mr Williams told the TV channel he had someone honk and flash their lights.

He pulled over but didn't know a keg had come off.

He said he was shaking after watching the footage and was relieved the other drivers were okay.

Highway patrol officers said they were astounded nobody was injured or killed in the incident.