Truck driver involved in flying keg incident on Sydney motorway tracked down, says sorry

Police in Sydney have tracked down a truck driver involved in a flying beer keg incident on a busy motorway.

He has apologised, but still has to face court.

A motorist's dashcam video of the incident on the M4 motorway in the city's west early on Tuesday showed a beer keg slam into the windscreen with a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass.

Police yesterday tracked the truck to a business in Blacktown and ordered driver Les Williams to face court for failing to secure his load, 9 NEWS reported.

Police also issued a fine for the truck not displaying current registration labels and cautions for minor defects involving its tyres and windscreen.

One vehicle hit by the metal keg has been written off and another sustained a smashed windscreen and dented roof, Nine said.

Mr Williams told the TV channel he had someone honk and flash their lights.

He pulled over but didn't know a keg had come off.

He said he was shaking after watching the footage and was relieved the other drivers were okay.

Highway patrol officers said they were astounded nobody was injured or killed in the incident.

Sydney rugby club investigate after player with Kiwi heritage racially abused

Sydney University Football Club are reportedly investigating an incident of alleged racism aimed at a player of New Zealand heritage last Saturday.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the incident took place in a Shute Shield match between Sydney University, and the Manly Marlins, with Manly forward Brad Hemopo allegedly abused by a spectator in his warm up.

The two clubs will work together in order to pinpoint the identity of the spectator, with the alleged abuse understood to have left Hemopo deeply distressed.

"If we find out who it is, they'll be banned from coming to our games ... that's not welcome," a SUFC spokesperson said.

"The club has been working with match-day officials, both clubs together, security and ground staff to try and investigate who it was.

"We take these situations seriously and that behaviour is not welcome."

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Watch: 'Like an aircraft' – SpaceX plans to fly passengers across the world in under an hour

Space exploration company SpaceX plans to fly passengers anywhere around the world in under an hour.

In a TED Talk last month, engineer and president Gwynne Shotwell explained how SpaceX's "BFR", or Big Falcon Rocket, could be used for Earth-to-Earth trips, Channel Nine reports.

The company is looking to create a series of floating launch pads, capable of launching and landing a BFR, in all major cities around the world.

The water surrounding the launch pads would give the rocket enough space and cooling to conduct multiple launches without damaging nearby cities.

Up to 100 passengers would take a boat out to a launch pad, board the rocket and land on another pad halfway across the world in under an hour.

The Earth-to-Earth trips would also come at a fraction of the cost of an airline ticket.

"If I can do this trip in a half hour, I can do dozens of these a day. A long-haul aircraft can only do one trip a day," Ms Shotwell said.

"So even if my rocket was slightly more expensive, I can run ten times what they're running in a day and really make the revenue that I need to out of that system."

Ms Shotwell expects BFRs to complete trips "within a decade".