Tourist's discovery of hidden camera in water bottle on Sydney beach leaves her 'scared'

A hidden camera found inside a water bottle at a Sydney beach has left a woman "scared" and never wanting to return to the beach again.

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A female tourist was shocked to make the find on Brighton-Le Sands-Beach.

Tourist Michelle Montcourt was not happy when she discovered she was secretly being filmed.

Initially she was just annoyed a man left his water bottle on the beach and thinking it was rubbish picked it up to find the hidden camera inside.

"I was in Brighton-Le Sands-Beach tanning and noticed a man around 30-years-old walk by and place what seemed to be a bottle of water directly behind me," she wrote on Facebook.

"I saw it and thought to myself, I can't believe he left his rubbish on the beach.  So I picked it up to throw it away and noticed there was a hidden camera inside.

"He left running when I saw the camera inside the water bottle."

Ms Montcourt from Mexico had spent the last three months in Australia,

"I have been going regularly to Brighton beach but after this I won't be going back."

She posted the incident on Facebook to warn people to be wary.

Police have been notified and are investigating.