Tourist fatally struck by lightning in Northern Territory was carrying metal tripod

An Australian man was fatally struck by lightning while at hiking in Australia's Northern Territory on Monday.

Adelaide man, Antony Van Der Meer, 35, was hiking with four family members at the Kings Canyon Rim Walk when he was hit by lightning on Monday evening.

He died of his injuries at the scene

"The other four family members were not injured but have suffered extreme shock," a Norther Territory Police spokesperson told

It is believed Mr Van Der Meer was carrying a metal tripod, as he and his family were looking for a spot to capture the storm on camera.

"The party was about one kilometre from the carpark when the bolt hit them," Superintendent Pauline Vicary said.

"Understandably, they were extremely distressed with the loss of a family member."

Superintendent Vicary said efforts to retrieve Mr Van Der Meer's body were hampered by heaving rain and flash flooding brought on by ex-Tropical Cyclone Hylda.

It was recovered late on Monday night.