Tongan police deny car driver drove away from serious crash that left motorcylist in serious condition

Tongan police deny the driver in a serious crash with a motorcylcle which left the rider in a critical condition, drove away from the incident on Monday.

Video of the incident shows a black van doing a U-turn after leaving a carpark on Taufa'ahau Rd, with the motorcycle flying into shot and slamming into the van, hurling the rider into the air over the other vehicle.

As the black van pulls away, the motorcycle suddenly explodes into intense flames, sending thick black smoke into the air.

The rider is still in hospital after Monday's crash in a critical condition, local media reports.

Tongan police has denied social media reports it was a hit-and-run, saying the van's driver parked off-screen and returned to help the injured man.

The van's driver is being held in police custody, according to local media.