Three new cases of Covid-19 in South Australia after quarantine worker infects family

South Australia has three new cases of locally-acquired COVID-19 after a worker from a quarantine hotel infected family members.

Covid-19 test (file picture). Source:

An 80-year-old woman was diagnosed yesterday after she went to Adelaide's Lyell McEwin Hospital hospital for a test, Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier told reporters.

A woman in her 50s and man in his 60s were later tested and today also found to be infected.

"One of those people works in our medi-hotels," Prof Spurrier said.

"This is where we are considering the source to be."

Prof Spurrier said the infected trio has a very large family and four relatives are showing symptoms with test results expected later in the day.

Contact tracing is also under way for about 90 staff and patients at the hospital who may have come into contact with the 80-year-old woman.

Prof Spurrier said the woman also visited Parafield Plaza Supermarket in Adelaide's north while infectious

She urged any person who develops symptoms to immediately report for testing.

All staff working at SA's quarantine hotels will now be required to undertake virus testing every seven days.

"It's obvious that this is the highest risk in Australia right now is this risk of importation (of the virus) in our quarantine hotels," Prof Spurrier said.

The new rule includes police, nurses, concierge, cleaners and security guards.

A 30-year-old man who recently returned from overseas was also diagnosed while in hotel quarantine.

There are now 19 active Covid-19 cases in SA.