Thousands of protesters gather in Hong Kong calling on G20 for help

Thousands of protesters gathered overnight in Hong Kong's Central district to call on G20 members to pay attention to the political turmoil in the southern Chinese city.

The peaceful crowd of people of all ages listened to speeches, overflowing onto a nearby road, and only a few police stood at a distance.

Below neon-lit skyscrapers, many protesters wore black and held up their smartphones with lights on as organisers stood in front of a big sign reading "Free Hong Kong Democracy Now".

From morning to night protesters have launched an attempt to get the upcoming G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, to put a spotlight on Hong Kong.

But Chinese authorities have already said that they will resist any attempt to raise Hong Kong's current protests at the G20 meeting, calling this interference in China's internal affairs.

Protests throughout June in Hong Kong have succeeded in getting the government to suspend its attempt to push through quickly a new extradition law, but protesters continue to press their demands for a complete withdrawal.

They also want the Hong Kong government to release protesters arrested last week, retract the description of the protest of 12 June as a "riot", and launch an independent enquiry into police use of force.

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