'I think people see a real story of hope and romance': Royal wedding fever hits Hollywood



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Royal Wedding fever has hit Hollywood as a giant wedding card was unveiled on the historic Walk Of Fame.

Source: Twitter/TCL Chinese Theatres

Prince Harry is due to wed American actress Meghan Markle on Saturday, and in the build-up to the big day fans gathered in the bride's hometown of Los Angeles to wish the happy couple good luck.

A ginat wedding card featuring a picture of Prince Harry 33, and Ms Markle, 36, along with the message, "happily ever after!", was displayed outside the historic TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

It will be outside the theatre, where celebrities famously leave handprints, footprints and signatures in the cement, for the rest of the week before being delivered to London in time for the wedding, organisers said.

Michael Howell, British Consul General for Southern California, was the first to sign the card and was asked how the American public has reacted to the relationship between Prince Harry and Ms Markle.

He said: "People have been really captivated by it. To a certain extent that's always true, because they don't come around too often and they are quite magical affairs.

"But this one has really captured the imagination here because Meghan Markle is an American. It's particularly captured the imagination in Hollywood because she is from Los Angeles.

"And I think people see a real story of hope and romance in that."

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