'Things are looking very, very grim': Cyclone Victor lashes Cook Islands

Cooks Island residents are prepared for the worst as Cyclone Victor bears down on the tiny Pacific islands.

Penrhyn, in the northern Cook Islands, was shaken up by strong winds. Source: Supplied

The category three storm's outer rim has reached the islands overnight packing a firm punch with winds of up to 93km/h.

Right in the sights of the cyclone is Palmerston Island where New Zealander Will Rowe lives.

Speaking to ONE News, Mr Rowe says the waves hitting the reef of the island are the largest he's ever seen.

"We've got the rain coming in on and off, very, very heavy. Lots of fallen coconut fronds and coconuts and branches and debris," he says.

He says the "un-godly roar" of the wind has been making sleeping very difficult and weather conditions are looking like they will make take a turn for the worse.

"Things are looking very, very grim."

Mr Rowe says the islanders have lived through many storms and are prepared for the worst case scenario but if predictions are right and Victor increases to a category four storm, many of the island's 59 residents will have to evacuate their homes.

"If we get the worst case scenario, she intensifies to category four and we get the 20 to 40 waves and 120 knot northerlies then there's very little we can do.

'We're going to be devastated."

Fiji Meteorological Service predicted Cyclone Victor will intensify to a category four storm later this afternoon.