'These offers were foolish'- Syria's loyal First Lady refuses asylum to stay by Assad's side




Syria's First Lady says she has rejected an offer of safe passage out of the war-torn country in order to stay by her husband's side.

In an interview with Russian State Television Asma Assad said the severity of the situation in Syria is beyond comprehension.

She says she believed those offering her asylum were trying to undermine Bashar Assad's presidency.

"I was offered the opportunity to leave Syria or rather to run from Syria," she told Russian State TV.

In the interview she says she was promised safety for her children and financial security if she left Syria, but Mrs Assad refused to reveal who made the offer.

"It was a deliberate attempt to shatter people's confidence in their president, and suffice to say these offers were foolish," she said.

The First Lady also took the opportunity to criticise the western media's coverage of the war.

"Western media organisations have chosen to solely focus on the plight of refugees," she said.

Mrs Assad believes the coverage focused on refugees and those held in rebel areas was not fair because the majority of displaced people were living across the country and those people matter just as much.

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