'There was glass all over me' - Driver captures the moment flying ice sheet destroys his windscreen

A US man has a safety message for fellow motorists that could save someone's life - "clear off your cars".

Jeffrey Cote, a US driver, has filmed the moment a sheet of ice blew off from another car and crashed into his windscreen.

Mr Cote was driving down Interstate 495 north of Boston on Wednesday morning when the frozen projectile broke away from the roof of the car in front.

It twirls in the air before smashing onto his bonnet and into his windshield, shattering it.

Mr Cote pulls to the side of the road to inspect the damage.

Mr Cote, who was not injured, told WCVB Boston he thought the sheet was going to land in front of him.

"There was glass all over me," he said.

"All over the interior of the car."

He uploaded video of the incident, filmed on his dashcam, to YouTube on Wednesday.

"Clear off your cars," he said.

"It's easy and could save someone's life."