'There are fires everywhere ... no security' - NZ detainee on 'Kiwi Alcatraz'

A Kiwi being held at the Christmas Island detention centre says "there are fires everywhere" and "no security", after riots erupted following the death of a detainee.

Speaking to ONE News this morning, Ricky Downs said guards have abandoned the centre.

"There are fires everywhere, holes in the wall and the canteen has been smashed to pieces," he said.

"There's not security, there's no response team, there's not border control, no guards. They've freaked out and left."

New Zealand nationals detained on Christmas Island's detention centre are being blamed for a riot which broke out at the centre this morning.

Guards have reportedly abandoned the controversial centre following mass riots. Source: Breakfast

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said there are 40 New Zealanders reportedly on Christmas Island.

News Corp reported that the growing population of convicted New Zealanders has seen island named "Kiwi Alcatraz".

A detainee speaking to SBS made the accusations this morning claiming the rioters were mainly Kiwis and they had left the centre looking like a "disaster zone".

The man, who wasn't named in the article, alleged guards from the private prison operator Serco had abandoned the centre.

The medical centre had been destroyed along with the canteen and some offices, the man said.

"The place is a disaster zone," he said.

"People are destroying everything that can be destroyed."

Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection has confirmed a "disturbance" happened at the Christmas Island detention centre.

The Department wouldn't go into details about how the disturbance began or if detainees have sparked a riot at the detention centre as reported this morning.

Earlier today, a woman close to a detainee said the riots began after prisoners learned of the death of a refugee who escaped the detention centre two days ago.

Kiwi detainee on Christmas Island Ricky Downs says a mass riot has broken out at the centre. Source: 1 NEWS

The Kurdish-Iranian man in his 30s was found in bush land yesterday.

ONE News also spoke with Labour MP Kelvin Davis this morning who says the island prison is in chaos.

Mr Davis says from what he is hearing, when prisoners questioned the death of an inmate who tried to escape the facility, one person was punched in the face by a guard sparking the riot.

The Department says "its service providers are working together to resolve the situation".

They say no injures have been reported and won't give any further comment on the situation.