'That's New Zealand!' - Aussie journo calls to check pronunciation of Ardern, put straight through to new PM-elect

An Australian journalist has been left speechless an unusual interaction with New Zealand's new prime minister-elect. 

National and Labour both began formal negotiations with Winston Peters and his team today.
Source: 1 NEWS

Tiger Webb of Australia's ABC Radio National made a quick call to double check the pronunciation of Jacinda Ardern's name yesterday.

After being transfered to the Labour Party offices he was shocked when Ms Ardern herself answered the phone to confirm the pronunciation.

Ms Ardern had only one day prior been announced as the new prime minister-elect of the country, after NZ First leader Winston Peters decided to form a coalition with the major party. 

She confirmed to Mr Webb 'Ardern' was pronounced 'Ah-durn', Webb said the interaction was short but she was lovely and helpful towards him.

Ms Ardern has since confirmed the conversation happened and she relished the fact that she was so accessible to the public.

Mr Webb's colleague, Alex McClintock, has since taken to Twitter to tell the story of the interaction to which former Prime Minister, Helen Clark, replied saying "That's New Zealand!!"

According to Mr McClintock, Mr Webb rounded up the conversation with a "Thank you Jacinda and may I just say: congratulations."

The ABC producer said he was surprised at how easily Ms Ardern was to contact. He said he was used to doing this as part of his job but he never has been able to get through to politicians.