Thailand cave rescue: Four more boys rescued from cave on second day of operation

An aide to the Thai Navy SEAL Commander has confirmed four boys were brought out of the cave on day two of the Tham Luang cave rescue operation. Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live updates of another dramatic day below. 

The story so far:

* Eight students have been rescued from the cave system and taken to hospital

* Four students and their football coach remain trapped in cave

* Yesterday's rescue operation began at 4pm NZ time

12.45am: Another drama filled day looks to have come to an end for the rescuers who will no doubt be sent home to recuperate after another huge effort.


12.20am: According to CNN operations will now wrap up for the evening, leaving four more boys and the coach to be rescued tomorrow.

This would mean that four boys were successfully rescued today, the same amount as yesterday.

12.10am: The latest rescue is also being reported by local news. As yet unclear if there will be more rescued today.

12.05am: CNN are now reporting an eighth boy has been rescued from the cave.

11.50pm: Reuters has also confirmed that a seventh boy has been brought out of the cave.

Coming out a lot faster than last night, a sign conditions might have improved, or that the rescuers have ironed out any bugs in their system.

11.40pm: CNN is now reporting a seventh boy has also emerged from the cave.

That would make it three boys today on top of four rescued yesterday.

11.20pm: A sixth boy has been rescued, a source inside the rescue team has confirmed to the Guardian. 

11.10pm: Reports of a sixth boy being rescued now.

11.05pm: After the ambulance was seen leaving the complex at around 5pm local time, a helicopter took off Associated Press reports.

Authorities have said helicopters were ready to take cave evacuees to a hospital. It was unclear who was inside the ambulance or the helicopter. 

10.45pm: Footage from the scene has emerged on Twitter.

10.40pm: According to CNN and local Thai news, the boy was carried out of the cave around 9:30pm NZ time.

10.30pm: The speed at which the latest rescue was achieved is a good sign for the operation tonight.

There wasn't expected to be anyone emerging from the cave until after midnight NZ time.

Hopefully more boys will follow him out of the cave shortly.

10.20pm: The Guardian has just confirmed with their source at the scene that a fifth boy has been rescued from the cave.

That leaves seven boys and their football coach remaining in the cave.

10.15pm: Associated Press is reporting that an ambulance with flashing lights was seen leaving the Thai cave complex.

Stuff is also reporting a Thai navy official as saying a fifth boy has indeed been rescued.

10.00pm: According to Stuff, National television news in Thailand is also reporting the rescue of the fifth boy.

Reuters have also reported the news.

9.50pm: CNN is reporting that a fifth boy has just been rescued from the cave. He was spotted by a rescue worker being carried out on a stretcher to an ambulance.

9.40pm: It was originally thought the weaker boys would be the first to be rescued. However, an official at the press conference said the "perfect, stronger ones" would be those rescued first.

9.20pm: 1 NEWS' Kimberlee Downs has just filed this report from outside Chiang Rai Hospital via Facebook Live.

She says the tension is ramping up as the media awaits news of the latest rescue attempt.

9.00pm: Perhaps this is the reason media weren't alerted to the rescue getting underway until later today?

8.45pm: Officials speaking at the press conference suggested that the stronger and healthier boys would be rescued first.

They also said the first boy from this group should be out of the cave in around "four to five hours time".

8.30pm: The Thai governor overseeing the cave rescue says he "hopes to hear good news in the next few hours".

No word on how many boys they are attempting to rescue today. Yesterday was a group of four.

8.20pm: More good news from the press conference, with an official saying: "The water level is not worrisome.

"Yesterday’s rain did not affect water levels inside the cave."

8.15pm: Thai authorities say the second phase of the operation to rescue the trapped boys and their football coach began at 11am local time today, which is 4pm NZ time.

If yesterday's timings are a guide the divers may emerge with the next set of boys around 1am NZ time.

8.05pm: The aunt of 25-year-old coach Akkapol Chanthawong, told CNN she wants people to understand that he is a good person, and did not mean for the boys to become trapped.

He wrote a note to his family that reads: "To my aunt and grandmother, I'm OK, don't worry about me too much.

"Take care of your health. Aunt, please tell grandmother to make a vegetable drink and crispy pork when I get out. I will go and eat it. Love to everybody."

7.50pm: The first media briefing on today's operation will begin shortly, according to the Guardian.

7.45pm: Space X founder Elon Musk posted video of his "kid sized submarine" being tested in a pool earlier today.

It doesn't look like it will be used in this rescue, but could be a tool for the future if such a situation arises again.

7.30pm: More action has been recorded at the rescue site.

7.25pm: There is no official word when the rescue began today. Stuff is reporting it began at 3pm NZ time.

If this timing is correct, it would mean the divers and next set of boys may emerge around midnight our time.

7.15pm: CNN has confirmed that the rescue operation is underway again today.

A Thai navy officer told CNN: "The operation has begun and it is ongoing at the moment."

7.10pm: According to the Guardian there was a rush of activity at the cave entrance around 30 minutes ago with an ambulance and a helicopter arriving.

A bit of confusion as to whether a rescue operation has already gotten underway today, with authorities being tight lipped.

Yesterday, officials gave a press conference at 10am local time to outlines the day's plans. Today they were a no show.

7.00pm: 1 NEWS reporter Kimberlee Downs is in Chiang Rai and filed the latest update on the 6pm bulletin.

Click here to watch her detailed report.

6.55pm: Looks like it's starting to rain again at the cave complex, which is not a good sign for the rescue effort.

6.50pm: Welcome to our live updates of day two of the Tham Luang cave rescue, where a group of expert foreign cave divers and Thai navy seals are preparing to once again enter the cave system and are making their way towards the trapped boys and their football coach.

Early this morning four boys were pulled out of the cave but eight are still underground. Source: 1 NEWS

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