Teen disciplined by school for 'extreme hairstyle' after shaving head for cancer charity




A 15-year-old who shaved off his hair to raise money for a cancer charity has been removed from his classes for his "extreme hairstyle". 

Taylor Jones of Launceston College in Cornwall, Britain, was told his shaved head was inappropriate and had been given individual tutition for four days until it grows back, reported BBC. 

His mother Lesley Jones said Taylor was raising money for Cancer Research UK after one of his friends was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He had been growing his hair since last June, but decided to shave it off in the Easter holidays as it was covering his face.

Launceston College said after the four days of exclusion he would return to normal classes due to his hairstyle no longer being considered "extreme", said principal Bryan Maywood.

Mr Maywood said the teen was advised to cut his hair to a "very short but acceptable length", but Taylor "went against this advice". 

Since the story has been reported, Taylor's fundraising page has raised over $3,000.

He wrote on the JustGiving page: "The support I have been getting for this is absolutely incredible, I cannot thank anyone enough for what they have done and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated, the amount of money that has been raised is truly amazing."

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