Targets destroyed as Iraqi military launches offensive against ISIS held town



Associated Press

Iraqi forces have launched a military operation to liberate from ISIS the small town of Akashat in the west of Anbar province between the towns of Rutba and Qaim, in order to clear the area and secure its northern border.

The operation is underway in the town of Akrashat in Anbor province.
Source: Associated Press

The operation to liberate Akashat aims at securing part of the borders and the area north of the vital highway that links Baghdad to neighbouring Jordan and Syria.

Akashat is a small town west of Anbar province located south of the IS-held, strategic towns of Qaim, Rawa and Ana.

ISIS has been driven out of most of the territories it seized in 2014, from northern Iraq through the country's centre and across western Anbar province. The US-led coalition is offering aerial support for different factions of troops.

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