Taiwan officials issue plea after dozens change name to 'Salmon' for sushi promotion

Officials in Taiwan have issued a plea after dozens of people changed their name to "Salmon" to take advantage of a restaurant's free sushi promotion.

Nigiri sushi with tuna, salmon, shrimp and butterfish on rice. Source:

It comes after sushi restaurant chain Akindo Sushiro promoted a two-day deal on Tuesday offering all-you-can-eat sushi for anyone with the Chinese characters for guiyu, or "salmon", in their name and five of their friends, the Taipei Times reports.

Discounts were also on offer for people with homophonic names or at least one homophonic character. 

At least 1000 people took part in the promotion, with 28 people claiming the meal as of 3pm Wednesday (local time), according to the restaurant. 

Approximately 26 people in New Taipei City and Kaohsiung changed their name to the fish-themed moniker Wednesday, while Taichung had 22. The cities of Tainan and Taoyuan each had 14 name changes.

Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior urged on Facebook for people to think carefully before lining up at the registration office, adding that names can only be legally changed three times.

"Everyone, please consider your name carefully," the ministry wrote.

Requesting a name change costs NT$80 (NZ$3.92) for a new ID card and registration certificate.