Sydney man charged with alleged assault of woman captured on Fortnite livestream

A Sydney gamer has been charged over the alleged assault of his partner after footage of the incident was livestreamed while he was playing Fortnite.

Police arrested a 26-year-old man last night at a home in Sydney's south west, after the alleged assault was reported to police by a witness according to Nine News.

The video, which was released online, shows the gamer shouting angrily at an unseen woman who is talking to him while he plays Fortnite.

The man then gets up and walks out of camera shot where he can be heard yelling abuse, before a slapping sound is heard causing the woman to scream saying that she was "hit in the face".

Two children were at the residence when the alleged assault took place.

The man has been granted bail and will appear in court on Thursday.

A Fortnite player has been charged over the alleged assault of his partner.