Sydney electorate of Blaxland records highest no vote against same-sex marriage




The politician who holds the seat for a town at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney that recorded the highest no vote in Australia's same sex marriage vote has said he isn't surprised about his electorate result due to being socially conservative. 

There were 7,817,247 people who voted “Yes” in Australia’s same-sex marriage postal survey.
Source: ABC Australia

In Blaxland, 73.9 percent were against the idea of same-sex marriage, with just 26.1 per cent voting yes. 

A majority yes vote was recorded in 133 of the 150 federal electorates across the country.

Every state and territory recorded a majority yes vote above 60 per cent, bar NSW where 57.8 of people voted yes.

More than 12.7 million people - nearly 80 per cent of eligible voters - took part in the survey.

Of those, 7.8 million voted yes and 4.9 million said no.

Federal Labour MP Jason Clare told the Daily Telegraph he has "always known the views of my electorate on this issue and I've always been upfront with them about mine."

"Good people with good hearts can have different views on this important issue," he said. 

Before the vote, Mr Clare said that he would vote yes for same-sex marriage. 

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