Story of the week: Woman who checked-in for appendix removal finds husband harvested her kidney

A woman from West Bengal in India says her husband stole her kidney to cover an unpaid dowry.  

Following up after a surgery which she thought was appendix removal, doctor's confirmed that her right kidney was gone.

After she complained to her husband about stomach pains two years ago he checked her into a private hospital in Kolkata for appendicitis, she says her organ was illegally harvested, BBC reports.

At the time, her husband told her not to mention the surgery to anyone. 

She has since told police that her husband and brother-in-law are responsible, stating they stole one of her kidneys as her family had not paid her dowry. 

According to the victim, her husband made constant pleas that her dowry be paid, a tradition that has been banned in India since 1961. 

Both the husband and brother-in-law have been arrested and are awaiting charges. 

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Watch: Boy gets stuck in vending machine, trying to get THAT stuffed toy

A young boy in Florida wanted a stuffed toy so much that he crawled inside a claw-style vending machine of a restaurant to get one.

Mason climbed through a small back door of the machine but was unable to get back out the same way.

An off-duty fireman called in local firefighters to get him out - but Mason started crying because he was having so much fun inside the machine.

The Titusville Fire Department said in a statement, "often times we say to ourselves that you never know what the next shift will bring."

"Well today was no exception. This evening little Mason was enjoying some food and decided he wanted a stuffed animal. He wanted it so bad, he climbed into the game to get that toy!!"

"We don't really train for extricating kids from claw machines, but now we can add this to our list," Battalion Chief Greg Sutton, from the Titusville Fire Department, told WFTV9.

Mason came out after 10 minutes unharmed and the fire department later confirmed he got the stuffed toy he wanted.


Watch: It could happen to anyone, right? Car drives off carpark level as driver reaches for USB

A driver in China has been left humiliated after being captured on video crashed and flipped through a second-floor car park barrier.

The driver was reportedly finding his way out of the building and accidentally stepped hard on the accelerator while bending over to pick up an USB cable.

The car crashed through the second-floor car park barrier and flipped off the side of the building.

Fortunately, the driver and a passenger escaped with only minor injuries.