Source claims Fijian fisherman shootings are common




The world's largest police organisation is investigating disturbing images that have surfaced on the internet of what appears to be helpless fishermen being shot dead at sea.

Claims of poor conditions on fishing boats have been revealed after video appearing to show fishermen being shot at sea was released online.
Source: 1 NEWS

It's claimed the video, posted on YouTube, is of foreign fishing crews shooting Fijian fishermen and that killings like this are common.

A man who wishes to remain anonymous told ONE News he was contracted to Fiji's Ports Authority for more than a decade to transport customs and goods out to vessels.

"Every second week we used to go and pick up dead people who had been either murdered or stabbed or died."

He insists there have been killings for years but because it happens outside Fijian waters, Fiji laws don't apply.

"There is no control over them. The police have no chance to investigate these things."

But questions are emerging if the shootings actually took place in the Pacific.

Fiji Fish's Graham Southwick says "we checked with all our Taiwanese boats and various things and they said oh yeah we know about this story it happened about a year or 18 months ago and the guys in the water being shot are Somali pirates".

The Taiwanese longliner in the video is now not licensed to operate in the Pacific and sources have told ONE News it was in Fiji some time ago, but has recently been operating in the Indian Ocean.

Wherever the shooting took place, the video still brings to light the type of violence that occurs on foreign fishing boats trawling the Pacific.

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