Something 'major' discovered on Mars -experts speculate ahead of NASA's big announcement

A Kiwi astrobiologist believes NASA’s announcement tomorrow of a ‘major discovery’ on Mars is going to be liquid water rather than the discovery of life.

Kiwi astrobiologist Haritina Mogosanu says whatever the announcement tomorrow, it would be a major discovery. Source: 1 NEWS

Haritina Mogosanu’s says regardless the announcement is a significant one.

“If they discover that there is liquid water on Mars .. life could’ve existed on Mars and this is absolutely huge,” says Ms Mogosanu.

The Wellington based astrobiolgist has worked closely with a team of scientists from NASA who want to send a rover to the red desert.  

“I hope we find life on Mars! We hope this will happen even if it doesn’t happen as it’s still valuable and equally extraordinary because it tells us how unique we are here in our solar system," she added.

Ms Mogosanu also says the timing of the space agency’s announcement is interesting because it coincides with the much anticipated blockbuster movie 'The Martian' starring Matt Damon, a film shot and worked in close collaboration with NASA.