Sir David Attenborough says Covid-19 has provided welcome respite for natural world

World-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough says the Covid-19 pandemic has provided a welcome respite for the natural world.

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The world-renowned naturalist has made a documentary observing how our relationship with wildlife has changed in the past year. Source: 1 NEWS

A spectacular new Apple TV+ documentary The Year Earth Changed narrated by Sir David is highlighting the gains the natural world has made while many around the world retreated to their homes.

Among the animals featured are penguins roaming the streets of South Africa.

Sir David said what surprised him most about 2020 and in the documentary was that “the natural world has gone on much better without us”.

The documentary also comes ahead of the UK’s hosting of the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference in November.

Sir David said the documentary was especially pertinent in that no nation “ever”, until now, had been unselfish enough to say they’d used up too many resources and offered to retreat.

He said that attitude needed to come soon, or Earth would risk losing “a lot”.

The documentary debuts today, ahead of Earth Day.