Sigh of relief for Victoria as MIQ worker's close contacts test negative

Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews says there have been no new instances of Covid-19 reported in the community since yesterday's case in a hotel quarantine worker.

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It’s forced up to 600 players and officials into isolation. Source: 1 NEWS

Two tests of the man’s family members have come back negative so far.

There are 20 people classed as ‘primary close contacts’, the majority are in touch with health officials, and their results are expected in the near future.

Six-hundred people have been classed as ‘work close contacts’, and they’ve been asked to isolate and get a test.

The last regular wastewater testing for Covid-19 occurred on Tuesday, and results came back negative for the virus.

Andrews says that’s another good sign that they’ve got to this outbreak in good time.

In the wake of the new case, Victorians once again have to limit household gatherings and ramp up mask wearing. 

Officials have reviewed CCTV footage of the hotel to work out how he became infected.

Andrews says if anything, it’s revealed the individual is “a model employee”, who followed Covid-19 protocols.

There’s no confirmation if this case is the UK or SA variant of the virus so far.