'Shot of broccoli with their flat white' - Melbourne café adding broccoli powder to coffee as part of research project

It's a divisive vegetable at the best of times, and now the humble broccoli could be the subject of even more debate in Australia – by putting it in your coffee.

The divisive concoction is part of a research and development project looking at ways to cut down on the vegetables which don’t make it onto supermarket shelves.

"Maybe in a year's time, everyone will be having a shot of broccoli powder with their flat white in the morning," Commonfolk Coffee Company founder Sam Keck said.

The powder is processed from broccoli that would otherwise go to waste or are deemed 'too ugly' to be stocked in supermarkets.

"We did some research a couple of years ago, particularly on broccoli, and we feel growers miss in Australia up to $18 million annually through waste," Horticulture Innovation Australia's David Moore said.

Two tablespoons of the powder has the same nutritional value as a serving of broccoli, researchers say.

Broccoli powders can be found in New Zealand, but at Mr Keck's café, creators may have found a way to give it a wider appeal.

"We figured, 'Well, it's Melbourne, so what better thing to do than to turn it into a latte,'" Mr Keck said.

"All the bearded hipsters love it. What a great thing to talk about, that they're doing something different," Mr Moore said.

Researchers are now looking to take the idea further by seeking out a commercial partner for what could be the latest food fad.

Two tablespoons of the powder, made from broccoli that would otherwise go to waste has the same nutritional value as one serving. Source: 1 NEWS