Shocking CCTV footage shows man trying to force terrified woman into back of car in Canberra




CCTV footage has been released showing the attempted abduction of a woman in Australia.

The grainy footage shows a car pulling up alongside two women walking in Red Hill in Canberra on Monday evening.

A man emerges from the car and appears to engage the women in conversation.

He can then be seen grabbing one of the woman and pulling her toward his car while the other woman looks on.

Pushing against the car's back door, the man tries to keep the woman inside the car before he gives up and lets her out.

Police are looking for the man and women involved in the incident.

"It obviously constitutes quite a serious assault based on what is seen in the CCTV and we'd love to speak to anyone who know anything about this incident," Sergeant Harry Hains told 9News.

It's not known if the man knew the two women.

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