'She's dealing with the poorest of the poor' - Kiwi's guidebook to Thailand helps humble nun

A group of New Zealand women in Bangkok are working on a book project to raise money for a Kiwi nun helping the poor.

Expat Heather said the slums of Thailand's capital are home to something special, 83-year-old Sister Joan.

"We just can't believe how wonderful she is … she's dealing with the poorest of the poor."

Helping raise money for Sister Joan, who has lived in the Southeast Asian country for 20 years, is a team of Kiwis and Aussies who produced an essential Thai guide for visitors.

"It is called Bangkok Bible and when tourists come to Bangkok who have not lived here before and don't know how to navigate day to day things, so this becomes a lifesaver," one Australian expat told Seven Sharp.

The book, which required the help of up to 100 people, covers traditional Thai pastimes, health, education and shopping.

Sister Joan received about $15,000 from the book's profits, which helped pay for children's uniforms, lunches, milk powder to new mums and help for those she calls the "old folk".

"Someone pointed out a 12-year-old to me who was nine months pregnant, [I wanted to help people like that]," Sister Joan said.

Gill Higgins was in Thailand thanks to the Asia NZ Foundation.

Sister Joan, 83, helps kids in the slums of Thailand, and is being supported by a bunch of Kiwis and Aussies who produced a fundraising book. Source: Seven Sharp