'It is serious stuff, this onion thing' - Aussie man who fell in Bunnings store backs sausage sizzle directive

A Queensland farmer who was compensated after a nasty encounter with a greasy stray onion three years ago has welcomed Bunnings' new suggestion for onions to be placed under sausages during sausage sizzles.

Trevor, whose full name cannot be revealed due to a non-disclosure agreement, fell backwards after tripping on the translucent vegetable at a Bunnings store in Gympie, ABC reports.

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The 65-year-old has since called ABC Sunshine Coast to show his support for the controversial 'rule', saying, "It is serious stuff, this onion thing".

Hayley and Matty, however, weren’t adverse to having onions on the bottom of their snarler Source: Breakfast

Bunnings offered the man an ambulance after the incident, which he declined, but he later pursued the company for emotional stress after having an MRI scan to ensure his hip wasn't damaged in the fall.

The hardware store’s suggestion on where onions should be placed has filtered through to the highest levels. Source: 1 NEWS

"I went to another Bunnings a couple of weeks after and I had a panic attack.

"Every time I go into Bunnings now I look on the floor. I look for onions."

A typical Bunnings Warehouse sausage sizzle snag - with the onions on top.
A typical Bunnings Warehouse sausage sizzle snag - with the onions on top. Source: 1 NEWS