Security camera shakes as it captures deadly chemical plant explosion in Spain

A security camera on the outside of a bowling alley captured the moment a nearby chemical plant exploded today.

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The explosion killed one person and injured six others. Source: Associated Press

The explosion has killed one person and injured six others, according to an official at the Tarragona City Hall.

One person remains missing following the blast.

The camera at the Area Diverland bowling alley looks onto a car park - in the moments before the explosion customers at the shopping arcade are seen going about their business.

Suddenly in the background a huge ball of fire is seen, seconds later the blast hits the camera making it shake.

The civil protection agency in the Catalonia region called the blast a “chemical accident” and warned people in parts of the city of 800,000 and in nearby towns to refrain from going outside as a precaution.

Emergency services said that two of the injured people were being treated for major burns.

Fire departments sent 24 brigades to the area, the regional emergency service said.

Tarragona is located 115 kilometres southwest of Barcelona, the regional capital of Spain's Catalonia region.