Second person rescued from trio that went missing in Aussie outback two weeks ago

There's been a second miracle in the search for a trio who went missing in the searing Northern Territory outback two weeks ago.

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Both of her companions have now been found after an extraordinary tale of survival in treacherous conditions. Source: 1 NEWS

Just one person remains missing after a pastoralist found Phu Tran, 40, in the Palmer Valley area south of Alice Springs this morning.

He managed to survive after finding water and is being taken to hospital where he'll be treated for exposure.

The first member of the group, 52-year-old Tamra McBeath-Riley, was rescued on Sunday after keeping herself alive on water she found in a watering hole for cattle.

Claire Hockridge, 46, remains missing as the search continues a fortnight after the group told family and friends they were going for a drive out of Alice Springs.

Their car ended up bogged in sand. The trio stayed together for a number of days but ended up separated in the search for help.