Schoolgirl pats killer whale while kayaking off coast of Australia

A Perth schoolgirl's amazing encounter with a killer whale has been captured on camera.

The rare sighting occurred when 16-year-old Stefanie Vinciguerra was kayaking off Western Australia's south west coast, the ABC reports.

Stephanie was able to patt the killer whale as it swam next to her for for a kilometre.

According to her father David Vinciguerra Stephanie was at first nervous about the presence of the whale but remained calm during the aquatic encounter.

Mr Viciguerra said the whale had bite marks on it and it looked a "little bit distressed", he told the ABC.

"You're quite excited to be close to a wild animal that's capable of turning and looking and coming up and allowing my daughter to have a pat and a scratch and was quite content staying close by to the kayak."

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