'Scared as hell!' - Cyclone Gita's ferocity captured on film as storm hits Tonga

Many residents in Tonga captured dramatic pictures as Cyclone Gita smashed into the island nation overnight.

Posted to social media, they were the first images to show the outside world the storm's ferocity.

One amateur reporter gave a running commentary in his video showcasing the cyclone's ferocity.

"This is Robert again reporting from Tonga, right on 12 o'clock, and the weather has picked up to a total different level. You can hear the trees are shaking.

"There's been advisory from the radio that no-one should be out here and I am as scared as hell as well!"

Another touching video showed a group bracing for the cyclone in a church, taking part in a song of prayer together.

Footage of the aftermath of the storm shows resilient Tongans already working to get the kingdom back on its feet.

Cyclone Gita is currently passing close to Fiji, affecting its southern islands.

The storm is expected to make its way closer to New Zealand later this week but the exact path is not yet known.

Many residents in the Pacific nation documented the extreme weather event. Source: 1 NEWS