Samoan bootcampers determined not to be beaten by genetics




A groundbreaking international study has found a rare gene in Samoa that stores fat and increases obesity risk, leading a group of Samoans to up their fitness regime. 

US researchers surveyed around 5,000 Samoan people, finding that nearly half of them carry the gene.

Those who have the gene are 35 per cent more likely to be obese than those who don't.

US researchers surveyed around 5000 people finding that nearly half carry the gene.
Source: 1 NEWS

While the new gene is an important factor, so too is exercise and diet- something a group of bootcampers are taking very seriously.

Bootcamp instructor Pastor Lenny Solomona says it's a matter of "not hiding behind excuses". 

"At the moment Samoa is coming in around six out of 199 countries as the fattest in the world per capita," Pastor Solomona says.

"As a personal trainer it is my passion to bring that number down and the way to do it is to help our people in Samoa become healthier people."

Researchers say it's likely the rare gene found in Samoa will also be found in other Pacific countries. 

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