Russia unveils largest nuclear submarine built in 30 years

Russia has unveiled what's believed to be its largest submarine built in 30 years amid a tense standoff with Britain in the Black Sea.

The Belgorod sailed for the first time today, just days after the Russian military assets fired warning shots at a British Royal Navy destroyer after it came too close to what Moscow has claimed is its territorial waters near Crimea last week.

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More than 20 aircraft and two ships targeted a British warship after it entered its waters. Source: Breakfast

Bombs were also dropped by jets near the vessel.

While the nuclear submarine's specifications have not been revealed, the Belgorod will be able to launch nuclear strikes, according to the Daily Telegraph.

It will also act as a mothership for smaller submarines.

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Russian jets fire warning shots at British warship near Crimea

The vessel is expected to be handed over to the government later this year.